Monday, September 27, 2010

September 20th

So I just realized that I forgot to bring my camera so I will have to wait another week to send some pictures but they are coming soon and I check often and my camera seems to be working right and pictures hopefully wont be a problem. Thanks for telling me about Bro. Dial. It is unfortunate that he passed away but one of the benefits of the gospel is we really understand the plan of salvation and hopefully faith and hope make it easier for them and their family during this time of grief. Let their family know that I´ll keep them in my prayers.

So I am in the little city of San Clemente and our Bicentennial celebration was very small because everyone made the 20 minute trip to talca for the actually party. Basically all we did was eat and really not a whole lot of anything else. Because Kerri is up in Santiago, she got a lot more freedom to celebrate, here we had just a normal day of work but with little Chilean women flooding us with empanadas which are really, really good. The Chilean food has been good since I´ve been here but because nothing is in season right now (end of winter, beginning of spring) it really has been mostly meat and potatoes. The Asada (grilling) for the bicentenial was also quite good but if you don't eat it right away, it drys out and just becomes jerky.

So I am kind of in a weird zone where things are either really easy or really hard and not anywhere in between. The people here are opening up to me and I am opening up to them and feeling more love but still things are difficult but getting better.
Anyway, I gotta go,
Elder McNeil

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