Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello from Chile

I am in the zone of Talca but my area is actually a town about the size of Farmington MN called San Clemente. The town I'm in is surrounded by vineyards and orchards so produce might be from my exact area. Our town has a branch and yesterday there were 77 people at church. My real motivation after seeing that is getting priesthood holders because we cant have a branch of just one huge relief society and primary. So, you knowing me, understand that I am easily frustrated, which is something I'm working on especially with the language, but I am able to communicate with members and investigators which gives me some confidence. Still, its a struggle but its coming.

My companion is a native Spanish speaker. He is from Buenos Aires and knows only a few phrases in ingles. I'm trying to teach him and vice-versa but still, it is difficult to not be able to turn to him for emotional support because he never had to learn the language. Also, pray that I can develop love for the people here. Right now, all the investigators feel like the are Elder QuiƱones and not mine. That will change with time and as I work hard to being people to Christ, it will come.

So, Kerri mentioned Ecco and don't freak out that they call this coffee in one of her last letters and I had that exact experience yesterday! I didn't see that email until today and I cracked up laughing. It tastes like burnt water but to be as nice as I can to the members and investigators here, I drink it any. maybe I'll start to like it eventually. Also yesterday, we had sausages for lunch with some members and, believe it or not, a sausage exploded on me. Right as I was trying to spear it with my fork BOOM!!!! That was interesting.
So I have to go do some stuff for my visa so I have to go but I love you and keep praying constantly for me, because I'll need it. But Chile is beautiful and I've found ways to help me out with the language and the work in general.

Elder McNeil

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